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Welcome to maradona1x2.com

  • Become a member of maradona1x2 and you have the option of receiving every pick directly on your e-mail, you have the possibility to chat and comment on tipster academy. A simple way to buy professional tips.
  • Tipster academy is a start, here we are looking for experts for every sport, specialised tipsters, local tipsters who have good information from city or country they live in.
  • Professional tips is next phase, it is a selection of best tipsters in certain sport or league, tipsters with best yield, biggest knowledge and best information. By entering Professional team maradona1x2 you get several priviliges: 1. all content on site is free for you 2. You share the profit of the site with other tipsters.
  • Copy-paste from other websites is strictly forbidden, you get banned for doing it so don't waste our time.